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Summer Workout Changes

During the summer our routine changes, because we have kids that are either out of school or college, or for others it may be just the change of weather. I am a Floridian so that means heat and humidity, afternoon rain showers, tropical storms, and you name it. Some people use the excuse not to go to the gym anymore because their kids are home and they don’t want to pay for daycare or just that their kids are home, so they take the summer off and don't go to the gym. There are always ways for you to workout and not go to the gym. There’s ways to workout in your home, your garage, the beach, the pool, or just walking in your neighborhood.

First let’s talk about changing up your workout up by just walking, running or biking in your neighborhood. It’s a great way to get the kids involved too or maybe your dog needs to walk a little bit more. Start by just walking a few houses, and then add a house or two each time you walk. You will be amazed how many miles you can get up to. This is great cardio exercise, so if you’re more of a gym workout person and you just can’t get there this is a great change. Now that it gets dark later it is a great time to walk or bike before or after dinner. I love to bike before dinner on the days I don't get a workout in. It also helps burn those dinner calories quickly. After a Cardio workout you burn calories for an hour after, but if you do a Strength Training workout you will burn calories for 24 hours after.

It is good change up your work out anywhere from every 12 to 16 weeks anyway to shock your body. So if you want to start your summer off by walking three to five days a week just make sure you do a more intense walk at some point, at quicker pace than you would do normally. Same for biking.

Now let’s talk about doing an in-home workout. You can easily get bands to use instead of weights, but if you want to use weights, they can be bought on Amazon, or at Walmart, Target, or any sports store. Same with bands. So basically you can use bands and hand weights and have a complete workout in your home or garage. Amazon also sells a Gym Chair that I use in my studio with clients that folds up and fits in any closet or under the bed. This chair is a full gym using resistance. The chair sells for $125 and here is the link

These days you can find full workouts on Instagram and Youtube. If you need more help call Chic Physique and we will train you in the studio and help you learn how to workout safely and properly.

Third let’s talk about the beach, it’s a great place to walk, do yoga, stretches, band exercises, lunges, squats and/or swim. The beach can be so invigorating and good for the soul. If you don't live by the beach, a lake is great too.

Try something new! Go swimming, walk or even a new exercise challenge!

Here are some summer Challenges:

  1. Walk

  2. Add a Crunch a day in June and July

  3. Add a Squat a day in June and July

  4. Add a Burpee a day in June and July

  5. Try a new workout routine (yoga, pilates, swim, resistance bands, etc)

  6. At the end of your workout add a plank (see how long you can plank at the end of Summer)

I hope you are inspired to change up your workout routine for summer and try something new. If you are struggling and need help, call us at Chic Physique Personal Training Studio and one of our trainers will give you a free assessment and get you started.

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