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Do You Know Myofascial Release?

All personal trainers have different ways that they train their clients. At Chic Physique Personal Training Studio we believe that starting with myofascial release or rolling on a foam roller before we stretch is a great way to start and end our personal training sessions. Self-myofacial release(SMR) is a stretching technique that focuses on the neural system and fascial system in the body by gently applying pressure to the muscle tissues or knots, and releasing the tension of the underlying musculature. This breaks up the knots similar to a massage and it helps release unwanted muscular tension. If you stay on the tender spot for approximately 30 seconds, it seems to release the tension or knot, and helps get the body back to the optimal level of function. SMR is a good way of releasing the tension before stretching because breaking up the knots will improve the tissue's ability to lengthen through stretching techniques. This helps with soreness from working out also. Then we move on to stretching before working out or finish up our workout session. There are a few ways of doing SMR.

The first way is the most popular way, by using a foam roller. When we start our clients out with SMR, we use a softer foam roller. Most of our clients when starting cannot believe how hard it is to use the soft foam roller and how much it hurts in some areas, not realizing how many knots they have. I’ve had clients say to me “I can’t believe that I hated this so much when I first started using it, and now I’m using a hard roller and I actually went out and bought one for myself because I love it, and it feels so good now.”

There are so many different types of foam rollers you can use and most come with pictures and directions. I have provided links to Amazon if you would like to order one. Just click on the pictures below to take you directly to links to order any of the products I mention in this blog.

Another way to do SMR is using a Thera gun or Massage gun. These have become very popular in the last few years. There are many types out there with many attachments, many levels, and speeds. Massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors also use them. I keep one in the studio to use with my clients, and I travel with it most of the time. It’s great for concentrating on certain areas that are bothering you and definitely help with soreness. (Click on Pic to Purchase)

The last type of SMR tools come in many shapes and sizes. There are hand roller balls, scrapers, neck rollers, trigger point tools, acupressure tools, cupping tools, deep roller massagers and so many more. Different types for different needs from your face to your toes. The uses are unlimited for release of soreness and pain from injuries to everyday activities. If you have never tried SMR start out lightly, a whole new world of pain relief might be opened for you.

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